Sunday, July 10, 2022

July week one: Quiet and at home

Well I certainly didn’t feel like celebrating our country and freedom on the 4th given the Supreme Court’s radical and horrible recent rulings and the ongoing gun violence in this gun obsessed culture. Sad and frustrated.

But turning my mind and feelings to what I can control, we found things to be thankful for, to get done and to make us smile and laugh. 

The pup is certainly contributing to the smile and laugh part as is our habit of making clever and funny comments.

We continued our dog related spending spree by purchasing a larger crate and mat as he is already larger than our much loved mini poodle and has outgrown her crate and some other doggie hand me downs. It feels like we can actually see him growing!

I slogged through planning, problem solving and paperwork for my club but also accepted an invitation from another board member to go sailing and then to lunch later in the month. definitely something to look forward to.

A close friend and her Hubby got Covid for the first time and had a tough few days. They are feeling better slowly.

We did our usual divide and conquer for grocery shopping at two stores, cooked dinner together every day, got some answers about Hubby’s social security and plane tickets for him to take our granddaughter home at the end of her August visit. 

I made strawberry vanilla almond baked oatmeal for quick, healthy breakfasts. Threw in some blueberries too. I'm enjoying it and froze some for later.

I met a quite nice neighbor as our dogs visited on their walks very early Sunday morning. And we are slowly being able to put furniture and decor back in place as the pup becomes better at leaving things alone. Rather like having a crawling or newly walking baby in the house! We still find ourselves calling him our previous dog’s name, Lola, instead of Coco. I even blurted out a combo name of Cola the other day. The mental habits wired into our brain!

What else? A bit of pruning, reading, balanced the books for June, lunch with a friend, Pilates at home, keeping a maxi dress I ordered as is perfect for around home or out for a casual meal, Our older son and DIL will arrive  Tuesday for a two night stay so I must make myself do some cleaning along with making myself go t through  two bulging files of legal documents for the club. Since the club legally dates back to 1932 when it was incorporated (although started officially in 1910) what a process but perhaps it will produce what we need for very different times.


  1. I laughed at you calling the new pup Cola. I'm glad he's bringing laughs and smiles into your lives. We sure need all of that we can get.

    1. He is alternatingly exhausting and great fun. We decided Loco might be the better combo name during puppyhood lol.

  2. LOL, my mom used to call us by hybrid names. We soon learned that if our name was the last half that was who she wanted.

    I am so going to make some baked oatmeal on our next coolish day.

    God bless.

    1. That is funny about your Mom and hybrid names! My Dad said his Mom always went through all 3 boys names with the one she meant to say being last. Of course she made the mistake of naming them Langley, Lloyd and Leonard!

  3. That oatmeal looks so good. And how nice that it can be frozen to enjoy again later. I struggle to think of things to give PC for a quick breakfast before he leaves for work. This might be just the ticket.

    Soooo glad your pup has been such a delight. I have been doing drop-in visits for people's pups through Have so enjoyed being with dogs again. My daughter bought a 'mini' sheepadoodle in November. Mini my behind!! That pup is the size of a Shetland pony. We love Pumpkin but she is more dog than we all bargained for. Cola is a cute combination name!!

    Hope you enjoy your son and DIL's visit. I have been trying to get the spring cleaning done since...well, spring. Not making any progress.

    1. Wow, Sheepadoodle's are so cute! Didn't know about that breed but I bet it is a great family dog.


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