Sunday, June 19, 2022

A dog named Coco and Covid in the family


Its been quite a week here at the new puppy ruled home. He ended up with the name Coco courtesy of our granddaughter's suggestion and it works well. Now to see him realized he needs to respond to it! 

Housebreaking right now consists of us being on schedule and on alert but he'll get there. We also got gates so we can keep him in the kitchen with us when cooking which is helping. Still to lean is staying calmly in a crate during the day so we can both leave although he is sleeping in it without complaint all night.  

He's discovered his tail and works hard to get it in his mouth and then lays down holding it. Very funny when he then tries to move and can't figure out the problem. Right now he's working hard on an indestructible chew toy while laying on my yoga mat. 

He's not afraid of much just the fire hydrant down the street so far and less so each day. He is barking at his reflection but that will pass. He does love people and is bringing entertainment and puppy greetings to our neighbors

We wanted more going on in our lives and so we have lined up in the next 10 days a private dog training session, a vet visit and going to the groomer for the first time. Hmmm - not quite the excitement I was dreaming of lol.

On a less happy note, my younger son and DIL both have finally caught Covid although so far our granddaughter hasn't got it for a second time. At least she is old enough to fix herself snacks and help with the pets. They all are vaccinated to the max so hopefully it won't become too terrible.


  1. He's a big puppy! And so cute. Love that he's giving pleasure to your neighbors as well as your household. You might want to mention the tail holding to the vet. Most likely it's harmless but it can also be stress related or an itching problem. I had a dog that sucked on his foot all the time.

    1. So far it hasn't become a habit. It seemed more like a baby discovering its hand. Kind of a "wow, what is that!" thing that already isn't his focus. My childhood dog had the kind of behavior you describe though and it is important to mention it to the vet.

  2. Wishing your son and DIL a fast recovery. Here, everybody thinks the pandemic is over. I still wear my mask in crowded areas and closed spaces. Coco looks so cute. I am sure he will bring lots of fun into your lives.

    1. Thank you. Our granddaughter now has it for the second time but they are all doing ok since fully vaccinated. Wow to everyone there thinking pandemic is over! Stay well.

  3. What a cute puppy. Sorry that your son and daughter in law have come down with Covid. Hopefully because of the vaccinations they will recover quickly.

    God bless.


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