Sunday, November 14, 2021

A week at a time - dog bed, drum set & health

Another calm week except for the weather which ranged from highs in the mid 60s to 92 and from dense morning fog to hot dry wind. Most of the time our weather is boringly the same.

I found a 10 minute stretch and leg workout to do each morning if I am not doing something longer. Check it out (Morning stretch video). Got to love YouTube.

It took me 3 days and a nap the 3rd day to adjust to the time change. Why does this continue!

Did bits of house cleaning each day rather than trying to do a large amount at once.

Lots of “to dos” for my club including our monthly lunch meeting. Our speaker was a no show so we spent our time sharing stories of veterans who had touched our lives. Pictures and touching tales about men and women.

Very pleased with how far I can walk comfortably now but quite a ways to go still.


- Lots of dog snuggles especially on the cooler days and as I write that I’m listening to her snore snuggled in tightly lol. I treated her to a new bed for in my office. It is doubling as camouflage.

- How excited Hubby is about his new upgraded electronic drum set and that he is giving the beginner set to a music program for kids

- That the proposed needed dental work for 3 teeth has been reduced to just one tooth needing work and the mole I had removed was benign 

- Scientific advances that enabled me to have a brand new treatment on my eye that will hopefully help my vision stay stable.


  1. Lots of good things going on in your life. And thanks for the smile of your dog hiding in plain sight. Perfect bed choice.

  2. You have lots to be thankful for. How lovely of your Hubby to give the beginner set to a music program for kids.

    God bless.

  3. Hubby and I don't understand it, but we're still struggling with the time change. We can barely keep our eyes opened after 8:00, then are wide awake around 4 in the morning. Maybe this week we'll turn the corner, lol. Hurray for you to need less dental work than anticipated. Your dog sure looks contented in her bed--I think that bed might help me not to get up at 4 A.M.


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