Thursday, October 14, 2021

Thankful Thursday October 14th

What are you thankful for right now?

This past week I was thankful for the following - 

I found the perfect Halloween card for our almost 5 yr old granddaughter who likes riddles - it says “How do ghosts like to dance? They shake their boo-ties!”. Kid humor right?

We sorted out the Thanksgiving, Christmas, New Years plans of our family. We will have our local son and DIL for Thanksgiving, spend Christmas by ourselves and spend post Christmas through new year’s with the other son and family. Thankful we get to spend time with them all and they get time with their wive’s families too. 

My eye exam showed no changes just healthy eyes although I still have the field of vision test to do since it was last done 3 years ago.

Looks like our granddaughter will be able to get her Covid vaccination right after she turns 5 early in the second half of November. Fingers crossed.

Well that was a nice surprise. California sent out stimulus checks and we received $600 which oddly isn’t as personally satisfying as finding a great loaf of bread marked down to $1 but I am thankful anyway.


  1. My eye exam turned out to be fine too. I do not need new prescription glasses and my glaucoma is under control. Yay! for both of us. This is my favorite season in the US. Holidays are great and I am glad you will be spending time with all your loved ones.

  2. I am thankful that we got our flu shots today, the first time we have done so.

    Glad that you will be able to spend time with your family and give them the time to spend with their wives families as well.

    God bless.

  3. How nice to have your holiday plans sorted. My daughter is expecting her baby on 12.20 by C-section which will effect our holidays. I hate to be away from home for Christmas but will be in order to help Brennyn with baby. PC will be with us for a few days but hate for him to be home alone for Christmas. And we need to get up to see our mothers sometime between Thanksgiving and the baby's birth. Whew.

    We received a couple of the first federal stimulus checks and had mixed feelings about them. They were a very nice surprise but we didn't really 'need' the money. But appreciated having it.

  4. Great list, Juhli! I love that finding the perfect Halloween card for your granddaughter made you happy. I sure understand, too. I found a Halloween themed Curious George book for our 2 yr-old grand girl and it felt like I struck gold. Had to smile about the stimulus check not being quite so satisfying as a good bread sale.


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