Sunday, September 26, 2021

Flu shots 2021

 Did you know that the protection from a flu shot only lasts for about 6 months? 

I just learned that and that is one of the reasons that we need one every year. The other of course is that the strains of flu circulating continue to evolve and each year they try to match the vaccine to the most likely strains to appear in the coming flu season.

The best time to get this vaccine in the N. hemisphere is September or October but if you are still unvaccinated after that they say to go ahead and get one. And of course getting your flu shot doesn’t guarantee that you won’t get the flu but it significantly reduces the likelihood.

Last year’s flu season was mild because we were all holed up at home and wearing masks. No one know what will happen this year but please get vaccinated and encourage your loved ones and friends over the age of 6 months to get one too. I think we have all seen enough illness this past year and a half.

I got mine this past week and felt tired the next day as usual but nothing significant.

If you haven’t already gotten yours yet please do


  1. We plan on getting ours as soon as they are available. I did not realize that they only last for 6 months....

    God bless.

  2. Got mine and didn't have any after effects this year.

  3. i didn't know that young children were getting lined up for babies too? Figures :/

    1. Are you being deliberately antagonistic and if so to what purpose? Babies, children and adults all die from the flu or complications related to it every year. Flu vaccines safe for babies and children have been recommended for quite some time. There are some exceptions of course as there are for adults. While you may still get a variant of the flu despite the vaccine, anything that helps slow the spread and resulting deaths is worthwhile.

  4. Our PCP recommended waiting until October...probably because we are not into cool weather here in the south yet, and then will be protected a month further out. Glad you were able to get yours.

  5. You are right. I've got a drs. appt this month so I'll get it then.

  6. Thanks for the reminder, and for those of us over 65 we need the high-dose. I think CVS has them; I'm checking tomorrow. Stay healthy!


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