Thursday, July 29, 2021

Thankful Thursday July 29th

Almost August already and the summer seems to be moving along quickly!

This past week I was thankful for:

Birdsong heard on walks and when the doors were open. However the bird that is sitting on our porch light and decorating the patio with droppings could move on! A safe from hawks resting spot so I can see the attraction for the bird though.

A plethora of hummingbirds hanging out in my neighborhood. 

I got an outing! Pizza and beer with Hubby at an outside table at the Institution Ale brewery - unique honey bacon pizza was delicious and the weather perfect.

I met my longer walk goal days earlier than expected. Almost ready to give up the single crutch and walk with a cane to use if wobbly in the boot.



  1. Yea!! Meeting your walking goal and exceeding it is awesome.

    God bless.

  2. Another good week and lots to be thankful for! Juhli, have you tried using a dryer sheet (like Bounce) to discourage the birds from perching on your porch light? We had the same problem and a friend told me most birds can't stand the smell of scented sheets. I was able to tuck one behind the fixture and it worked. Good luck!

    1. What a good idea re the dryer sheet. Hubby attached a ribbon bow to the top with painter's tape and so far it is working but if it stops we'll try your suggestion.


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