Thursday, July 22, 2021

Thankful Thursday July 22nd

My 4 year old granddaughter was potentially exposed to COVID as a classmate tested positive with no symptoms and now school is closed for 10 days. This also canceled their vacation in Hawaii as they found out late Wednesday night before they were to leave Thursday. I had a nice long FaceTime visit with her and her Mom Friday. My other son and DIL are at their house as they were going to pet sit so now they will have a family visit instead. I FaceTimed with them too. All the adults are vaccinated and the little one tested negative Sunday. Very thankful! And hoping a vaccine for children is available soon.

My brother received his 75th birthday card and called so we had a nice catch up.

I was able to walk down the sloping driveway and take a progressively longer but short walks on the sidewalk with crutches and walking boot. It was lovely to be outside.

I have very belatedly discovered that Hubby makes way better tuna salad sandwiches than I do and he made one for my lunch Saturday.

A friend brought over lunch and visited for a couple of hours on Monday which was lovely.

The giant but dying pine tree near our house was finally taken down on Tuesday. They also trimmed to even larger one behind our neighbors home. We’ll miss the shade but not the concern when the strong winds blow. Yeah!

Oh my goodness but my little 15 pound poodle was so cute Wednesday morning. I was doing my short walk outside on crutches when she came along with Hubby. She simply would not budge for him if they got too far ahead of me in her opinion and she kept looking back to make sure I was still moving forward. What a good little protector to her injured pack member.

The giant pine being down we now get direct morning sun on our patio and into my office and our bedroom. Hubby went to Lowe’s and got an umbrella so now the patio will be more enjoyable to use with  both shade and not so many tree droppings. Just might have to ask him to clean off a patio chair and table so I can sit out there and read. 


  1. How sweet of your little poodle that she insisted on waiting for you. She is taking care of her momma.

    1. I think she is. She is by my side all day long which is not usually the case.

  2. Dog can sure sense our moods and emotional needs can't they. Another good 'thankful' list

  3. I am so glad your grandaughter tested negative. What a relief! What a kind hearted puppy! Well, I guess animals are always kinder hearted than humans anyway.

    1. Dogs certainly read moods and health and respond appropriately.

  4. You're sure making good progress. I agree, it will be such a relief when there's a vaccine for young children. Very glad your GD tested negative, though. I had to smile when you said your husband makes better tuna salad. I always enjoy eating someone else's recipes! Continued healing, Juhli!

  5. What a sweetheart your pup is. I had huskies for years and they were so good and gentle with my daughters. Like guard dogs, always sitting beside them, protecting them. I miss having a pup.
    Glad you are getting out and about. Yay for delicious tuna sammies that you don't have to make yourself. And for friends who come by to visit.
    Glad you got the pine tree down. Hallelujah for more light and sunshine.


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