Monday, July 26, 2021

Embracing MY 70’s

The 1970’s were long ago and carry with them the birth of my older son, the end of my first marriage, moving to new places, finishing college and grad school, meeting my current husband and of cours all the geo political cultural changes the world went through. 

I don’t know that my personal 70’s will be that filled with changes but as I approach turning 72 on September 1st I realize that it is time to contemplate what has already happened in this decade of my life and what I hope and plan to have happen the rest of the decade of my 70’s.

So I have added a tag line to this blog’s title and will be trying to add some relevant posts. 

If you have any questions you would like me to answer, post topics or would like to guest post on something related please let me know.


  1. We are close in age, and I look forward to reading future posts with your thoughts. One thing about aging I find is that big health changes can occur suddenly! I give thanks every day for each good thing I enjoy.

    1. Health is the biggest unknown. My Mom lived to 93 with serious health problems earlier in life that I haven’t had but who knows. I look forward to hearing your thoughts too.

  2. I like your idea of contemplating over the past and planning for the future. There's much we can learn from one another. When I read of your earlier years of transition, in the 70s, I was reminded of all the twists and turns my life took in the early 80s. I, too, went through a divorce, returned to college, adopted my foster son, and relocated. When I think about it now, I shake my head and wonder how we made it! I'd enjoy hearing more about your story if you're comfortable sharing it. I also am interested in learning about those people who are able to live long, healthy lives (Blue Zones type info). I hope you enjoy the longevity of your Mom!


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