Thursday, April 8, 2021

Thankful Thursday #15

The declutter and make do edition LOL.

1. We had to remove boxes and packing material from the attic to enable the insulation workers to do their job. Gave most of the packing material to our cousin to reuse for his business. Glad it isn't being thrown away.

2. At the beginning of the week we decided to have chicken with the last 2 ears of corn in the frig. Hubby mentioned wishing we had BBQ sauce which we don’t buy due to my low sodium requirements. Dawned on me that I could make some which I did. Added coleslaw and biscuits and we both really enjoyed our BBQ menu as a great change of pace.

3. I decided to hang another existing framed picture. I put a silly cat I painted long ago in the laundry area. It makes me smile and brightens a dark corner.

4. I worked with the framing person to pick out nice mat colors and design the layout of the pictures I am framing using frames we already have. They can't cut art work though so I have to cut the drawings to the right size and go back to place the order. I think they will look great and our storage area will be a bit emptier.


  1. It sounds ikea you have a good solution for the BBQ sauce bit you might want to look up the Mrs. Taste brand online for low sodium products if you haven't. I've got to work on photos and pictures. Are you just using a regular xacto knife?

    1. Since the drawings are going to be matted I'm just using scissors. Don't need perfection at the edges and they are self done art so no biggie.

  2. Hi , You might. Try Healthy heart market online.They have everything low or no sodium. I am a faithful blog reader from Chicago!

    1. Thanks for the recommendation and for commenting.

  3. We had a BBQ a couple of days ago. So nice.

    Glad to read that you are getting your art work up so you can enjoy it.

    God bless.

  4. Gosh, I am glad to read about your corn on the cob as I have some we need to eat ASAP. Had forgotten all about it. Can't wait to see your finished framed and matted art.


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