Thursday, March 11, 2021

Thankful Thursday #11

1. Our local son and DIL came to visit Saturday and it was lovely as always. A bonus was that our DIL made bonbons and brought us a bunch! Chocolate - yum.

2. Earlier we had a surprise long FaceTime chat with our other son, DIL and granddaughter. Feeling really loved and happy.

3. I’m really wanting something different to experience and this week it manifested as surely we could find some takeout food that was yummy and different. Hubby tried to come up with ideas. No luck with our limited choices but it was kind of him to try.

4. A friend dropped off a big bag of books and there are some I’m sure I will enjoy. 

5. Is anyone else glad when business owners take the time to come up with good names or signs? My new sighting was of Thor Electric. Thunderbolt throwing on their service list perhaps? Of course it could just be the owner's name but I prefer to enjoy the creative side of it.

6. It rained here yesterday and more than a few drops. Very needed as much of the state including our area are in a drought again.


  1. Great reasons to be thankful.

    God bless.

  2. On the Oregon coast, so many of the businesses have quirky names. I love it, and I always get a chuckle when driving past. It does give you just a little bit of enjoyment.

    Sorry you weren't able to come up with any delicious new takeout. It's my son's 14th birthday this weekend (second in a row in lockdown) & he's in charge of takeout selection on Saturday. I'm guessing he's going with Greek food. Always a top favorite.

    1. We love Greek too. We have since thought of another restaurant to get take out from so a future dinner.


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