Monday, March 8, 2021

Happiness Month Monday # 1

 This is sure going to be harder to quantify and report lol. My criteria are to buy needed and unneeded things that make me smile upon purchase and later, to do little things that bring me a bit more of happiness, etc.

So here is the past week's little bit of increased happiness - 

Our (very old) plastic zip pouch that we use to store our nail supplies (clippers, scissors, etc.) has reached the end of its life. My husband says I had it when he met me 42 years ago.

 I ordered this little handmade pouch from FabricSpeaks on Etsy. I've bought fabric napkins from her that I was very pleased with and as it is made of upcycled/reused materials its a winner. Who wouldn't smile each time they reached for this pouch?

It is even more charming in person. That red print fabric on the tag is the lining. The bag is a bit large for our purpose but so well made and smile inducing.

Financial month continues. We did upgrade our property insurance coverage. 

Tech month continues. Nothing of significance this week.


  1. I've had my nail kit since the 1950s, too. I looked at it recently, wondering if I should replace it and decided it still had some life it in. Yours is very cute.

    1. Mine was likely 1970s plastic that was cracking. I do smile seeing this little bag.

  2. The bag made me smile. I love the turtles.

    God bless.

  3. Such a great idea to look for things that make us smile. Reminds me of a little book my grand daughter likes. It says "A smile is the beginning of love," (Mother Teresa). We all need more smiles!!


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