Sunday, February 28, 2021

An Art Moment

 I was browsing the web looking for the use of shells and specifically ammonites in design and art and came upon up these two marvelous modern staircases. Also a nice short article with examples.

shells in art and architecture

The first one is from a design for a Lego headquarters building.

This one was posted as simply a staircase in a “local museum”.


  1. Wow! Those staircases are beautiful but intimidating.

    1. Yes - I can appreciate them more as art than something I'd want to walk down every day.

  2. Very cool ... but now I'm dizzy!

  3. I am now dizzy, but wow what wonderful staircases.

    God bless.

  4. Amazing. I'm always blown away by the craftsmen who design and execute such building projects.

  5. The curved treads of the museum stairs would do me in! They'd find me in a heap at the bottom.


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