Thursday, January 28, 2021

Thankful Thursday 2021 - #3

 I am rather stuck in the Groundhog Day experience of pandemic lockdown. Still much to be thankful for.

1. Our HOA management is doing a great job with cleanup after high winds. We only had pine tree droppings to clean up but there were downed trees, missing shingles, broken windows, etc. at other homes.

2. After we found a new commercial dog food the poodle girl we were left with a lot of frozen cooked ground beef and chicken mix. I made a large batch of chili to use it up and it came out tasting good. 

3. Speaking of the dog, turns out she loves the taste of her new food but the scent or lack thereof is not enticing. If I put a bit in her mouth to get her interested she then gobbles it down. We also adjusted her daily prednisone dose for Addison’s to twice a day and that has put some bounce and playfulness back in her.

4. I called my brother for a chat and managed to keep the conversation mostly positive. He tends to focus on the negative. I’m thankful we had a good visit and that they have stayed healthy. A bit envious that he was able to schedule his first vaccine shot for two weeks out.

5. My foot is back to being a half size longer now that my big toe is straight. The 4th pair of athletic shoes ordered from Amazon fit. I’m not ready to set foot (ha) in regular stores to get a fitting so I grateful for this.

6. I want to try an arts Zoom group within my club. The idea is to watch online virtual tours or videos ahead of time and then discuss. I am really missing art museums and galleries, live theater and music, touring interesting architecture and historical sites, etc. glad I have some others to give it a try with. 

Have you any suggestions for us as to what to watch and discuss? 


  1. Lots to be thankful for.

    God bless.

  2. It seems that something happens most days to make me feel stuck in pandemic mode also. We continue to babysit our grand daughter and she always brings us joy and exhaustion that helps us sleep well;) When you shared about finding right-fitting shoes, it reminded me of a moment of clarity that hit me a few years ago. I was on a mission to find comfortable tennis shoes. It's amazing Zappos didn't cut me off. I stumbled across an article that said it wasn't unusual for seniors to need to increase the length and width of their shoes because our feet often spread over the years. What a relief it was to finally increase my width and find a good fit! Have a great weekend!

  3. Yes lots to be thankful for. I am doing a study of the book Anxious for Nothing with a group from church, and it reminds me that worry and gratitude can not be present at the same moment, something that helps me. That is great your foot / toe surgery was a success and you found the right new shoes. Funny about your dog and how she eats when you give her a taste.

  4. Great idea to do an art study with your club. I would like to do something interactive with my book club. Maybe a craft or reading a children's book aloud? Will have to think on that.

    Glad you found some shoes that will work until you feel comfortable about shopping in person. We are gradually getting out more. On the list for the vaccine. Hope in a few short months, we will all have had it.


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