Sunday, January 10, 2021

10 more days to inauguration - hoping for peaceful ones

 I am feeling like this countdown is moving too slowly and terrible events too fast but am relieved when a day passes with no deadly mob behavior. 

Disgusted though to hear that Biden may have to take office with no confirmed cabinet secretaries or key national security appointees requiring Senate approval. Think about the Republican led Senate’s dereliction of duty re protecting the country. No leader of defense, homeland security, treasury, etc. due to their not wanting to seem to have accepted Biden’s election until after their personal safety was at risk from a violent mob. Only one hearing has even been scheduled and that for the Secretary of Defense.

On my little home front I am so fortunate to live in a little healthy and safe bubble but as I walk I do see Trump supporting banners and signs on some people’s houses. So disturbing. It is a cult or mob/gang.

I am looking for success in the small things accomplished: hazardous waste dropped off, learned some things in a state level workshop for club officers, got and iced coffee and cookie before a library pick up run 😁


  1. I, too, have been shocked at the fresh wave of support for Trump from people I know personally after all that has gone down this week at the Capital.

    Glad you're finding successes in your life. It helps.

  2. I believe that there are a great many Canadians counting down the days as well. I do hope that the days remaining are quiet ones for you.

    God bless.


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