Sunday, November 8, 2020

Reclaiming closet space

De-acquisitioning seems to be an endless process as our needs and preferences change. Today I tackled the closet in our guest bedroom as it had become a dumping ground for storage. 

Quite happy with the results. Tomorrow I will be scheduling a pick up from the local pet charity store.

Still have to deal with the box on the floor in the first set of before pictures. It contains my husband's old family photographs. My plan is to go through the 2 tubs of Christmas stuff that has sat in the garage for 3 1/2 years and reduce it to one tub. Then I can move the photos into a better container and stack that on top of the existing family photos tub from my family.

The before photos are on the left and the after ones on the right.


  1. I have to go through family photos this winter to reduce the amount I keep. I am not looking forward to that project.

    You did good with your closet purging.

  2. I love "before and after" photos! You're making progress, Juhli, and that always feels good. Yesterday, I was going through a bin that holds our bank records and there were several folders of family pictures. I need to sort through these and give some to our kids. Maintaining order is a constant battle!

  3. I'm off this week, and I have multiple closets that need purging. Not promising it will get done, but your photos do inspire!

    1. I find starting with just one is less daunting. We have others to do too. I have moved on to going through Christmas decor as we haven’t used them in 3 years. Later I’ll get back to closets.

  4. Good job on that closet. I need to work on some old family photos too. Due to the pandemic, we shall be inddors more this winter so, I am trying to come up with many small projects.


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