Wednesday, October 28, 2020

No fires this time - Just lots of pine needles to sweep up

We were on high alert for 2 days in case any wildfires started near us but lucked out this time perhaps because of so many fires the last 2 fire seasons. The high alert is because of the so called Santa Ana winds elsewhere called Diablo winds.

It simply means very high sustained winds blowing towards the coast and capable of causing fast moving fires. The names come from earlier California residents seeing the winds seeming to come out of canyons with the names above. Actually has to do with large sustained air pressure systems.

Anyway, the fires that do start are terrifying because they can spread so fast, far and unpredictably as the winds occur during our dry season when the mountains and canyon vegetation is tinder dry. Even an embers carried far by the wind can start a new fire. That makes it very difficult to get them under control and put out.

So far this year it has been other areas that have caught fire. The latest is two fires to break out in Orange County quite a ways south of us. Fire season isn’t over but the winds have stopped for now thank goodness. And the pine needles swept off the roof and drive.


  1. I heard about those Orange County fires. Having grown up in Southern CA I know those Santa Ana winds were something else. But now with the fires? Yes, the fire threat is ever present.

    I experienced my own brush with wildfires back in Sep here in southern Oregon (the Almeda fire). The thick smoke, the evacuation; it's something I hope never to have to relive.

    And now whenever the winds pick up, my senses go on high alert.

  2. I can't imagine how scary it would be to live though fire season out your way. I heard the season is getting longer too.

  3. Oh, my goodness, if things weren't crazy enough. Now to contend with the fires getting close. I believe you are still working on your emergency supplies and plan. Or did you get everything finished? Hope you will never need it but better safe than sorry.

    1. We evacuated proactively once in each of the previous fire seasons but so far this year nothing close enough to us to be of concern. We are stocked up for sheltering in place pretty much.


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