Saturday, June 13, 2020

Week 11: Almost everything is opening - not feeling positive

As a scientist, albeit a social scientist, I find the opening of massage, tattoo and nail salon businesses rather scary while new Covid cases remain at a high level as do hospitalizations. I know people need to earn a living but ....

Anyway, the good and bad from week 11 on a very local personal level.

Good - 

I am so loving listening to Norah Jones' Youtube performance from her home.

I am so happy to have had a haircut - and I also really like it. New hairstylist is a keeper. I should text her and let her know I have had compliments.

We haven't had take out in 2 weeks. Lots of food in the frig.

Everyone I love and care about is healthy so far as far as I know.

Starbucks drive through is offering me a mid-afternoon caffeine and sugar boost a couple times a week.

A friend is doing a porch drop of a couple of bags of books in the morning since I mentioned I was low on reading material.

I followed up and got the cardiology test the doctors want before approving surgery is scheduled for next week. This is seeming overly complicated for a simple outpatient surgery, but that is what I get for moving away from my excellent and seamless healthcare at Emory University. Still, seeing forward progress as positive.

Bad -

A person who carried several key role at my service club got pissed that the rest of us questioned her unilateral without authority decisions and resigned from everything without a transition period. Not cool and a scramble now, but better in the long term I suspect.

One of Hubby's early 90's aunts is losing her memory and thinking capability and is struggling living alone, but unwilling to move near her son and DIL who desperately want her to be close by. Another has entered hospice care. We listen and offer encouragement. There is a 3rd one who lives with her daughter so we don't talk that often or worry about her as much.

There continue to be the same level of new cases and hospitalizations in my county. This is a very long term pandemic folks.

What is happening with you?


  1. I also wonder if we are opening things too quickly. I keep pulling out my Microbiology and Virology texts and looking things up.... Scary times.

    Sorry that you have had a key member up and quit on you. I hope that you find someone to fill that role.

    God bless.

    1. We are looking things up too and looking for trusted fact and research based resources at each new step.

  2. I haven't gotten a haircut---I'm on the schedule for next week---yet but my shop was very proactive before the shut down so I expect they'll do whatever it takes to keep us as safe as possible. You couldn't get me in a nail salon for any amount of money.

    1. I agree and felt fairly protected when I got my haircut. I did see a couple of things they could do better but not significant enough to raise the issue. It is hard and scary for the stylists too.

  3. See and I am more comfortable with a peficure than a haircut. More personal space by far.

    1. That is interesting. I do my own nails and thought of people getting manicures not pedicures.

  4. From what I have witnessed, it seems that close-knit gatherings pose the greatest risk. Of course, we long for intimacy, but it can be dangerous. I think it is important for most businesses to reopen, and to safeguard employees as well as patrons, as much as possible. I cringe when I see footage of people who are closer than sardines in a can!!

    1. Cringe is a good description. I'm waiting for the big increase after all the out and about activity of recent weeks. It is a horrible disease.

  5. Two weeks after every holiday this spring, we have had a surge in cases. We are about 2-3 weeks behind everyone else in the country. Most days lately we have an increase of 100 cases. But yesterday we were down to 40. Hoping that is the beginning of a downward move for us.

    Hope the family of your husband's aunt can make arrangements to move her nearer to them. This is a terrible time for our elderly. My mom is desperate for company.

  6. I am concerned about the large numbers of people protesting in close proximity to each other and hope they will not cause an increase in coronavirus cases.


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