Friday, April 24, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Diary Week 5: Part 2 - Dusting off some old skills and using some new ones

Anyone else finding themselves in the mindset of asking "how could I fix or re-purpose this?" or what could I use instead?" I'm sure lots of people are because of financial strain and then more of us because of the difficulty of shopping for anything that requires making sure it fits, easy and fast exchanges, etc. So today I spent some time figuring out how to alter a pair of yoga pants and a t-shirt both of which I had stopped wearing but for different types of fit issues. I have them to the point of at least trying to wear them now.

I am still contemplating the best use of a pair of flannel PJ bottoms that don't fit and are pretty worn out. Ideas?

On the flip side I find myself wanting everything to really earn its place and required upkeep!

And then there are the new skills as in still gingerly finding my way cutting the poodle's hair. She does love the new soft bristle slicker brush I bought and actually came running to sit beside me when she saw I had it out. She hates to be combed but apparently loves to be brushed. Who knew after living with her for over 9 years.

But I'm sticking with some old skills like getting restaurant food when I've had it with cooking or am just plain tired.

Are you finding you are using old or new skills to cope with the changes in our lifestyles and availability of goods and services?


  1. Could you use the better portions of the fabric for quilting? If not flannel rags are lovely for cleaning.

    God bless.

  2. I immediately thought of dust rags from the flannel pjs. Good job refitting your tee and yoga pants. Wish I had learned to sew.

    Also wish my kitties liked to be brushed. Or combed. We bath them fairly regularly and comb them afterward, and spray them with hairball grooming spray. But it is all done under duress and protest.

  3. Flannel makes the best rags for cleaning and dusting.

    I have a slicker brush but Levi does not sit willingly for it. I could kick myself for sending my table grooming arm to the auction house where it sits in limbo because of the pandemic lock down. Never thought there'd be a time when I couldn't get him into a groomer!

    1. Lola didn't like the previous slicker brush but this one is "soft" bristles which don't scratch her I guess. I am still holding off cutting her hair except face, toes, bottom but she sure is getting hot!


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