Sunday, April 5, 2020

Covid-19 Diary Day 21: Whereupon the poodle gets a trim

Connecting while Distancing -

Said hi to a friend and her husband from a distance when they porch delivered a couple of homemade face masks and homemade hand sanitizer.

Got a birthday card and gift check ready to mail for DIL's 50th! We will have to celebrate with her down the road.

Carrying On - 

Today was the day to try to start dealing with the poodle girl's hair as she is pretty fluffy on her face, feet and bottom especially. I gave her a bath and then trimmed very carefully around her face, feet and bottom. I'm not quite ready to try to do the whole dog!

I did find this on How to cut a poodle's hair using scissors and I am sure we will have to try it all eventually. I'm waiting for the grooming brush I ordered and will ask the vet tech to check her toenails when I take her for her monthly shot.

What else? Some stretches, made veggie broth & started split pea soup for tomorrow. We had chicken, pasta with sauce and veggies for dinner.

Finished an interesting book, The Plague by Daniel DeFoe of Robinson Crusoe fame. Set during the mid 1660's while the plague decimated London and the surrounding area but focused on how people behaved. Fiction although the reviews say he got the facts right. I thought it might be a difficult read due to the current pandemic but it wasn't for me. As a social scientist I found the story quite interesting and it shows that human nature hasn't changed much if at all.

Thankful for - My willingness to research and try new things which makes me fairly adaptable.


  1. I wish I had a dog to experiment on before I cut my husbands hair today! I’ve been looking at Youtube videos and think I have the general idea. Fingers crossed. Usual house chores this morning then making a chicken, bacon and fennel pie for dinner. The weather is fairly good so I will spend some time in the garden too.

    1. How funny! As it turns out my husband has curly hair like the poodle although the curls aren't as tight. We have joked that since we don't seem to have a comb we will have to use the dogs if we cut our hair! Good luck and take it slowly.

  2. I'm really worried about missing the dog grooming appointment. I haven't done it myself for twenty years and just before the pandemic closed everything done I sent all my dog grooming tools and table arm off to the auction house. Wish I had them back now.

    1. I'm impressed that you had the table and tools! I'm only doing what is essential and she may look pretty funky by the time this is over but oh well! She of course doesn't care at all what she looks like.

  3. Usual things happening around here. We got up to very foggy and damp weather. However by noon the sun was shining and the day had warmed up nicely.

    I have a feeling I will be cutting Harvey's hair shortly, and giving my bangs a bit of a trim. Could have a slightly peeved stylist after I am through.

    God bless.

    1. Stylists will be faced with lots of home haircuts and coloring to fix. I'm just hoping those kinds of businesses survive!


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