Thursday, March 19, 2020

Covid-19 Shutdown Day 4: Staying Positive!

What are you doing to stay positive? How are other people in your home coping?

Positive Inspiration - I'm not a fan of FlyLady but I happened upon these daily videos by Diane in Denmark that are so positive and helpful!

Connecting - We did a long Facetime with our granddaughter and son where we came up with games to play together. I think next time we will get here to do Simon Says or just exercise/funny poses.

I wrote to a cousin who lives in Boston. The two cousins I am closest to prefer letter writing so I keep up with that. One is a nurse anesthetist so I imagine she in in the thick of this. I was thinking of visiting them and other relatives in July but will have to wait and see how this plays out.

We talked to the cousin who is having to clear out her brother's rental home in the midst of this. Hard to get rid of belongings when no one is supposed to go out.

Exercise - Stretch DVD and a long dog walk in the morning.

Food& Supplies - I learned that our local outdoor Farmer's Market is reopening on Saturday with social distancing in place and food vendors only but no craft booths. I may go to see how this is going to work, support these small farmers and to pick up some perishables like lettuce and perhaps some fresh fruit. That would help delay a trip to the grocery store too.

Learning - An interesting website to explore if you like science The Royal Institution Christmas Lectures

Projects - I cleaned the baseboards in the living room and then put the rest of the furniture back on the clean carpet.

Enjoyment - I'm still going through the CDs my son brought over so listened to some new to me music. We played Scrabble for the first time in a very long time. Hubby suggested we do it several nights a week so it was a success.

Minimizing Contacts - We both have prescriptions to pick up so my husband is going to get both as part of his walk today. Only one of us for each essential errand.

My County's Data - 13 confirmed cases & no deaths out of population of about 813,000. I am confident this will increase dramatically as testing ramps up.


  1. Here in the UK some people seem to be sleepwalking into this nightmare. People still going into pubs and bars. What is wrong with them? Today I am turning our dining room into a bedroom for my 89 year old mother. She struggles with the stairs. I will fetch her tomorrow so lots to do. I’m not looking forward to trying to get a bed downstairs. I’ve had sourdough proving overnight so will shape it and put it in the fridge to bake first thing tomorrow. We had deliveries of food from the supermarket and vegetables and fruit from the local greengrocer yesterday. Just waiting for the storm to hit.

    1. I'm sure your mother will appreciate being with you and you will have companionship too. I'm very glad I don't live alone.

  2. I've wasted the entire week not accomplishing much but my e-Bay operation. But this weekend I'm drawing up a battle plan that will get me out dog walking more often, house cleaning more often and--gasp!---doing some light cooking. I also just set up a private Facebook page for my group of lady friends, hoping to turn that into something where we can share daily.

  3. Love your check ins. Such positivity and you certainly are keeping busy.

    God bless.


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