Monday, January 20, 2020

January 12 - 19

Things didn't start off to well but the problem wasn't too bad and was eventually fixed.

Hubby has become increasingly unhappy with our car and even started seriously considering trading it in. However he decided instead to take it in for new tires and a rear brake job. Then he said - let's go for a drive to see some gorgeous scenery on a back road. Quickly we both realized the car wasn't riding or driving well and he figured out they sold him the wrong type of tires! They made good on it but it took 4 days until it was fixed. Then the car made a screeching noise when started so it is booked for a check up on next Monday as it has done this a couple of times before.

That means I got things done at home and walked the dog more! Cleaned out our paper files, removed several pounds and shredded what I had to. Obviously I haven't done this since we moved. Sheesh.

The grab bars were finally installed in our renovated shower so that project is done and we can move on.

Planned our upcoming dinner party for 18. Everyone we invited said yes which was lovely but unexpected. It is dinner for 18.

Had my monthly massage and went to lunch with a friend.

Used up some blackberries that were too sour tasting and some sliced almonds that were in the freezer by making muffins. Onward to using up some other things that I should really stop buying because they are healthy but then we don't choose to eat them.

Heard from my oldest nephew who has fallen in love with someone he met on a scuba diving vacation. They have been managing a long distance relationship but it is time to move to be together and he is starting a job hunt as they have decided he will move. So thrilled for him that he met a wonderful woman after not thinking it would happen for himself.

Starting Tuesday Hubby is on call for jury duty for 4 days so I can't plan on having access to the car. A good reason to get out and walk!


  1. You've been busy! Dinner for 18 would freak me out!

    1. I am determinedly staying calm and figuring out food that I can make ahead of time mostly. My son and DIL who are also guests have said they will help serve and clean up so that will be great.

  2. Sometimes unexpected problems can be a blessing, but I really, really, really hate it when my car needs fixing. It is all psychological I know.

    1. As anticipated they couldn't find anything wrong. Hope they are correct. I hate it too.

  3. Cannot imagine how to begin to prepare for dinner for 18. We have had one party...PC's baseball team and I was a nervous wreck. We grilled hamburgers and hot dogs and maybe bratwurst. Everyone brought drinks and a side dish. It was really not a lot of work but brought a lot of anxiety to this home body. Hope you will share your menu and photos of your table.


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