Thursday, December 26, 2019

My Winter Bucket List

Lots to get done - fun, rewarding, necessities, chores!

It looks like a long list and it is but I have felt that my days were often too empty. 
Trying to change that up this winter.

  1. Follow a quarterly shopping list 
     – priority: dressy flats, dressy slacks outfit & jacket/cardigan

  2. Massage every month
  3. Track exercise
  4. Consultation & plan for gum issue

  5. Set vacation plans & dates 
            – we are thinking San Antonio + day trips in the Spring
        6. Read with a learning plan 
            – my reading group has a list of categories and levels so I will finish the one I am working on
        7. Take one OLLI class each quarter -  

  8. See local son and DIL at least 2 times 
      – Rose Parade already planned including booking dog walker
  9. Facetime and/or send granddaughter mail every 2 weeks
10. Plan visit to Berkeley family in February/March
11. Plan a trip to the NE to visit extended family (June?)
12. Have 2 phone conversations with brother and SIL
13. Connect with 4 cousins and 5 nieces/nephews quarterly
14. Date night/activity every other week
      - Eating out, movies, etc.
            - Explore at least one new area/attraction in Ventura County each month
            - Local live theater, music and art shows

15. Initiate one small group/one-on-one social activity monthly
16. Host at least one social event in our home for friends and/or family

17. Decide on gifting and donations for year 
      – So far: Women’s Club scholarship fund, PBS and NPR

18. Start minimum required withdrawals from 401K 
     – The law may have changed so will call in January to research

19. Decide how to decorate over bed in guest room
20. Windows repaired
21. Shower drain fixed in large bathroom
22. Grab bars installed in small bathroom
23. Carpet cleaned

What is on your bucket list for this winter?


  1. That's a great Bucket list. I haven't made a formal one but I know what I want to achieve by spring but mainly I just want to keep making progress in my downsizing every day...even if it's just one or two drawers.

    1. I'm sure you will make great progress and hope some good social time is in there too.

  2. Wonderful list you have. I have been thinking of a few goals to accomplish this year but haven't managed to get them down on paper as of yet.

    God bless.

    1. Thanks. I go back and forth about whether or not to write them down. Giving it a try again.

  3. The SECURE Act was definitely signed into law, so do check. We haven't even received procedural instruction yet though, just notice that it's coming.

    1. I thought the same but there is nothing on TIAA-CREF's website yet. Don't know the effective date. Either way is fine.

  4. Wow, what an ambitious list. I like that it incorporates projects around the house as well as educational activities, time with loved ones, and social outings. Hope you will link up with us on 01.21 and then share your updates in February and March. Look forward to reading your progress. Happy new year!


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