Sunday, August 4, 2019

Need to plan some fun for the week

So far my schedule for the coming week includes

- home chores: Pick accent tile and shop for light fixtures for bath remodel, touch up paint in garage, order checks, farmer's market and grocery store, laundry, clean, mend
- dog chores: take to vet for monthly shot and to groomer
- me chores: manicure, library for book pick up and return, exercise, club board meeting

So where is the fun in all of that? We do have plans to take my hubby's 92 year old aunt out to lunch on Saturday and visiting her is usually a joy.

I want more fun though. There needs to be at least on meal out either at the coast of happy hour at the upscale restaurant we like. I need some time with friends. I want some kind of new experience.

So I'd better get busy planning those things!

Do you plan fun into your week or just let it happen?


  1. For me, my fun always seems to gang up in the same week. This week I have two fun things on tap, after not having nothing on the schedule for several weeks. Good luck getting yours in!

    1. It can seem to bunch up. Mine is usually early in the month.

  2. New experience...maybe an I Painted That type experience? Or having a mani, pedi or facial? Or we like to get ice cream and then walk around the park or a shopping center eating it. Even a date hop where you go one place for a drink, another place for appetizers or dinner and a third place for dessert? Hope you come up with something fun and then share with us.

    1. Great ideas! My usual new experience is to go somewhere I have never been so expanding the definition would help.

  3. I absolutely plan both my personal fun, and joint fun with hubby. How else is it going to happen after all? 😊

    My personal fun is primarily planning play/lunch dates with my gal pals, and newly, going solo SUP'ing at our harbor. Other fun 'me' are photography, biking and hiking outings where hubby is engaged elsewhere. In that area, this week I am walking and having breakfast with a gal pal, and doing two group hikes that do not include hubby.

    On the 'we' side of the equation I am constantly planning date nights to attend live performances, try new restaurants, explore new hiking trails, and have bike & lunch dates. In that area, this week we are attending the OC Fair, attending a concert in the park, going on a group bike & lunch outing, and also joint group hike up one of our S. California mountains. We also will be enjoying an own-our-own Happy Hour here at the house on Friday.

    LOL! That's a whole lot of fun in one week I can see. It's actually finding time to plan house cleaning that is my bigger str these days.

    1. You squeeze the most fun activities into a given week of anyone I know! I need to flip my priorities.

  4. I write all my appointments on my paper wall calendar and plan out some fun and write those in so I don't schedule a boring appt. when I have a lunch set up.


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