Friday, August 30, 2019

Friday Miscellany: Lots of eating out

We started our weekend with dinner at a Cuban restaurant with a friend from grad school and her husband. As Hubby pointed out, she is his longest term friend that he still is in touch with. Not my oldest friend as I still am occasionally in touch with my best friend from high school and consider one of my cousins a dear friend from childhood.

Then Sunday we headed back to the same area to pick up Hubby's 91 year old aunt to go to the cemetery for the 1 year anniversary service for his uncle. The day got of to a rough start with hurt feelings that someone wasn't going to come, the graveside gathering had tears and smiles, and then our small group headed to lunch and that was a good time for her. Big announcement that she has decided to move north several states to be near her son, DIL and granddaughter. Quite an undertaking at 91 but she is spunky. Glad she can envision a new chapter in her life is still a possibility.

Monday - Crafting at women's club for sale to raise money for scholarships, lunch with a friend and then organizing of part of the club's building space. Home hot, sweaty, gritty and happy to have spent time with friends doing something useful . A good day.

We had dinner al fresco at the Camarillo Ranch's Food Truck Thursday complete with a Neil Young tribute band. I was fun to see a lot of children running around and such a wide variety of people enjoying a late summer evening on the lawn. Not to mention the food! Out of 13 food trucks we chose Middle Eastern plus a glass of wine. I really enjoyed a lamb gyro pita and Greek salad. Then we drove to Old Town Camarillo to have cones at Mr. Softy.

The photo below shows the dairy barn operations of the Camarillo Ranch which was on the site where the community where I live is now situated. From cows to the 55+ Leisure Village! The mountains behind are what burned last fall in our wildfire.

I learned Tuesday that all my family will be here for my birthday. My heart is full and I am really looking forward to being with both sons, both DILs and our granddaughter! They all get along so well and are so fun to be with. We are really fortunate. Can't wait. The dog would be excited too if she knew LOL.


  1. You have food trucks come to your Leisure Village? It must be fun. We are looking to relocate in the next 2 or 3 years but prices have dropped and are in free-fall here. we'd like to move to a smaller town but I need a library, bookclub, church and friends. I remember when I started reading your blog, you seemed to have a very intelligent approach to relocation, I'm going to go back and re-read some of your blogs.

    1. Moving is a challenge and I wish you well in finding a great place. I wish food trucks came to Leisure Village but instead they come to a historic house nearby. Nice to be among people of all ages.


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