Monday, July 15, 2019

Summer Bucket List Update and Travel Plans

Thanks to Leslie for the reminder to do an update! Check her list out at her lovely blog and see what everyone else is going to do by going to the bottom of this post to click on their links.

Some progress has been made so far this summer including our upcoming 2 week trip to N. Cal to pet sit for our son's family and to check out the Davis and Sacramento areas.

First is the biggie:

Decide if the Sacramento or Davis areas are ones we want to pursue for relocation and (hopefully) set a timetable. 
- We have a tour of Davis scheduled with a realtor on July 19th and lots of time to go back for another visit there and a visit to Sacramento before we head home on the 29th.


Plan out my 70th birthday adventure list and do them

Go to a movie 3 times and a play or concert 2 times 
- So far I've been to one movie, a play and watched music performances at a local arts in the park event.

Physical Health

Walk the dog early every morning when it is coolest.  If it is cool enough after dinner, do it again.
- I've been doing really well at this and now she reminds me in the morning if I forget!

Lift weights or swim 2x a week
- Been doing this more and taking with me on our pet sitting trip
Stretch/yoga 3x a week
- The most I've managed is 2x a week and one week I felt poorly and skipped it altogether

Random fun on the spur of the moment
- Dinner at the Ventura pier and happy hour dinner at a local upscale restaurant for date nights

How is your Summer so far?

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  1. I tried like crazy to get my daughter to go to grad school in Davis. (She was living in San Francisco at the time.) But she couldn't. She wouldn't. The place was nowhere. She wouldn't be caught dead there. So she went to school out of state (for you guessed it, more money from dad!) But she was in her late 20s at the time. For all I know, Davis is the perfect place for a 70 year old. Regardless, good luck in your hunt for a new home!

  2. Anxious to see what you decide about the move. Hope you find the perfect location with everything you are looking for in your new home.

    My pups always reminded me and were more enthusiastic than I was about their walks!! Good for you to make a morning walk a routine. I am trying to walk or ride bikes before we hit triple digits each day...on day 21 of temps over 100. Looks like you are getting lots of opportunities for exercise in other ways as well.

    I know your dinner on the pier was delightful. We enjoyed seafood at a restaurant on a pier in Washington. They had the best clam chowder. Mmm, would love a bowl now.

  3. I haven't done much of anything. Just too darn hot down here. By the time I get in the car and the a/c is cold, the heat has beat me down. Seriously, I need to get a life.

  4. You've made good progress on your list. Good luck on your relocating decision. That's exciting and probably a little scary. Enjoy the rest of your summer!


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