Tuesday, July 30, 2019

Back home after almost 2 weeks

And we had a lovely time with family, pets, vacationing and looking at options for moving.

 When we drive north from our house to Berkeley and have our dog with us we always stop for lunch in the same place, The Honeymoon Cafe in Pismo Beach Cafe, - unless it is a Monday and they are closed. The dog recognizes where we are and is quite comfy as you can see. On the way back on a Monday we happened upon another place in Pismo Beach that was open and had dog friendly patio seating so now we have an alternative!

Our main initial purpose for our trip was to pet sit while our son and his family were vacationing. The dogs have know each other for over 7 years and are very compatible. Their greeting was a "Where have you been?" type and then they settled down very quickly like the buddies they are. The cat took a lot longer to come out although she has know our dog for about 5 years. Eventually she joined the pack.

Then we settled in to making our pet sitting week a mini-vacation and move researching time. We really enjoy the view of San Francisco from our son's living room.

 We could walk to a coffee place, market and restaurant so we pretended we were in Europe and took full advantage. A jazz quartet concert outside the the coffee shop followed by dinner at the restaurant next door. Almost daily trips to the market to pick up food based on what we had planned.

 We also drove to a nearby very upscale Farmer's Market where we bought some local jam as a thank you gift for the neighbor who was watering our plants while we were gone. Big spenders that we are we bought one peach and an avocado too. I really like the amazing shape and colors of these mushrooms and the bee hive section at the honey booth was amazing to watch.

Add in a walk down the walkways between houses dating from over 100 years ago with a Mexican restaurant lunch at the end, a drive to the Berkeley marina to have a drink at a restaurant over the water and watch the sailboats being buffeted by the high winds, a realtor visit and some other drives around and we quite enjoyed ourselves.

But what about moving? Well, we drove out to Davis, CA three times and on two of those visits looked at houses with a realtor. Bottom line is the town is lovely, hard to imagine what it is like when 35,000 college students are in residence, and it was very hot! I'll walk you through our moving exploration process and decision in another post.

Then our family came home and the visit went on. Hubby trying out son's virtual reality games.

Lego building and cooking with our "big girl" granddaughter. And some good snuggle time on our last morning there!


  1. It's a wonderful thing to have someone you trust to dog sit. My mom and I used to trade dog sitting sessions. Sounds like you made good use of your time there.

  2. It sounds as though you had fun while you were dog-sitting and you were able to check out Davis. A move is a big decision.

    1. Yes, the trip had everything we wanted. Fun, decision, family!

  3. Aren't those grand snuggles the best? You both look so happy together. Your granddaughter obviously adores you.

    Love how all of the animals get along now. We always had cats and dogs, or as we say - no matter their ages - kitties and puppies. And they always were civil if not truly attached to one another. I had a big window seat in the living room of my daughters' childhood home, and all of the animals would lay up there together. Heading over to read about your moving decision now.


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