Sunday, October 21, 2018

New in my life

VOLUNTEERING: I raised my hand (figuratively) and offered to help with more at my women's club. So a little thing - fix hash brown casserole for 25 for the early November meeting. And a big thing - figure out how to sell a 1937 parlor grand player piano with rolls for about $20,000 (they think) so air conditioning can be installed in the building. Interesting challenge.

YOGA: I've also decided to go all out on the 3 times a week yoga and wait on adding any other exercise except walking. Starting Monday then Wednesday and Friday.

PLANNING MEALS: Usually I just kind of pull out a protein to thaw or make chili/omelet/chef salad plans and then add side dishes out of what we have. I want to be more intentional with all 3 meals and see if I can stop snacking.

Dinners this week will be
  1. Chicken marinated in Trader Joe's dipping sauce, asparagus, fruit salad
  2. Salmon, green beans and red pepper, rice
  3. Pork chop, sauteed onion, roasted butternut squash, apple salad
  4. Omelet and chicken sausage, green salad
  5. Turkey meatloaf, roasted butternut squash, fruit
  6. Chili, cornbread, fruit salad
  7. Tilapia tostados with green salsa, orange slices
Breakfasts will vary from the peanut butter on toast although that will also happen!
  1. Scrambled eggs with veggies
  2. Oatmeal, fruit
  3. Yogurt, fruit, nuts
  4. Waffles, fruit, nuts
  5. Shredded wheat, fruit

What else could I have for breakfast that would hold me until lunch?


  1. Hi, Juhli! SOOOO pleased to have found you! Breakfast doesn't hold me until lunch unless it has lots of protein. It's gotta be eggs, or meat, or a big bowl of Greek yoghurt with nuts added. Something shifted at "the pause" and the carbs which I love, no longer love me... (Sadness.)

  2. Your hash brown casserole sounds good, and selling the piano rather a challenge. Maybe look online for groups with an interest in player pianos?

    1. I do think it is going to be a challenge. Apparently it is quite valuable but as we all know that is only true if you can find a buyer.

  3. Enjoyed reading your update. Could you sell the piano on eBay? Or is there something similar strictly for antique instruments? Sounds like the chose the right volunteer for the job. I have all faith in you for getting it sold and whipping up a great casserole next month.

    1. Thanks Leslie. I'm not sure how best to sell the piano yet. They have a pretty local market even and this one is unique on top of that. We are getting all the details on it next week and taking photos. This project was started a couple of years ago but not finished so we will see.


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