Tuesday, September 18, 2018

Smiles recently

I have been thinking about what has made me smile these past few days -

- The dog stopping suddenly and staring in a bit of confusion as a rabbit sitting in a driveway. "It's not a squirrel or cat. Could it be a weird looking dog. I've seen one with giant ears. Oh, it is hopping away. Let's chase it!" Or so I imagined going through her head lol.

- Our clever (to us at least) puns and plays on words this week. We both are pretty into words.

- Finding a new olive green top to replace a fall one that isn't the best shape.

- Hubby saying how much he enjoyed our time together out to dinner Saturday night.

- Clear sky letting me see the Big Dipper and lots of other stars right from my front yard.

What is giving you smiles recently?

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