Tuesday, July 10, 2018

July Shopping Plans

Its a bit late to pull my thoughts together on this but now that I have found a dress and wrap for my son's September wedding I am thinking about what else I want to buy in July.

It always comes back to shoes that are comfortable and now that we have had a heat wave I'm also taking a look at hot weather clothing. I am waiting hopefully for a dress I ordered and need to see if there are any shorts still in the stores.

I've ordered and returned sandals. Shoes/sandals that might work for the wedding and other times are on order right now.

Has anyone utilized the fitting skills of The Walking Company staff? After getting some diagnoses from the podiatrist I am going to embark on further shoe research.

Wish me luck and tell me what you are planning to shop for this month!


  1. I wish you luck,, I read your Aging suggestions list,, I joined your blog to follow your journey, we can both age gracefully together lol,, or not! I found your blog listed on Willows blog,, its nice to meet you!

    1. Welcome Laurie! Now off to check out your blog.


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