Friday, April 20, 2018

Five for Friday: Car recall, anniversary celebration and more

Another week of exciting (?) retirement. I'm not sure what would be exciting though. For me it was the times we traveled to new places and explored lots of sights and experiences, granddaughter time and major hard work learning complex things.

Perhaps next week LOL.

1. Anyone else have a car that was caught up in the Takata air bag recalls that took years to finally get them fixed? I was able to get the second one replaced at last and it is reassuring to know that if they deploy there won't be pieces of metal shooting into us.

2. Sunday we celebrated our 37th anniversary. It actually was on Thursday of last week but we spent that evening taking Chinese food to my FIL and spending the time with him. We had tickets for a play at a local all volunteer theater that we wanted to try out. It is located in an old elementary school near the Camarillo Airport. The play, Sylvia A. R. Gurney, was a laugh out loud comedy and we really enjoyed ourselves. The dog, Sylvia, is played to great comedic and dramatic effect by a person.

We were going to try out a new to us wine bar that serves some food, but found out it was closed. So we went to what we have heard is one of the best restaurants in town and had the best meal out we have had in a very long time. Really a great evening!

Trying new things is one of our favorite things so we were happy so we talked about what we might like to do this coming year. Gold panning, visiting Santa Fe and taking a tour of S. Cal with a geologist were all on the brainstorming list.

3. I was thinking I wouldn't replace my hair dryer that shorted out and slightly burned my hand but then I realized I need one to dry the dog after her baths! I bought a little travel one with a folding handle. And then I go my hair cut even shorter LOL. New hairdresser seems good though and had to go very short to fix the problems with the prior cut that I complained about.

4. Planning ahead and invited local son and his fiancee to spend Mother's Day weekend at our home. We have come up with a bunch of ideas of what to do so once they confirm for sure we can move forward with reservations, tickets and so on.

5. I went to a movie and out for coffee with some women from the Women's Club I just joined. I liked them a lot so progress in the socializing realm.


  1. Happy Anniversary. It sounds like a great evening. We are planning our travels this year. We will be going to a fishing village called Collioure in the south of France next month. In late September we are staying with friends in the mountains outside Denver. We also plan to visit Santa Fe. My husband has a railway thing!

  2. Your travel plans sound amazing!


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