Wednesday, February 21, 2018

Can't get enough of this girl - and I'm exhausted!

This past weekend we got to spend 4 days with our son, DIL and granddaughter (plus 2 days of driving!).

I both can't get enough of her and find it exhausting to be in charge of her for the day as I was on Friday. So much fun and as one of her songs says - busy, busy, busy. At 15 months she had changed a lot in just the 6 weeks since we had seen her last.

While Hubby and son worked on a home improvement project, the girls had fun for part of each of the 3 days of the long weekend.


  1. She is absolutely adorable!

    My first grandchild was born when I was 41 and I took care of him while the parents worked. My recurring thought that year was that my mother gave birth to ME when SHE was 41, and how did she do it? :)

    1. I don't know but I sure had a lot more energy at 41 than I do at 68! We had a great time on our visit though and it is so sweet to hold hands and walk with her.

  2. The refrain of grandparents everywhere Juhli! So utterly precious while also utterly exhausting! My daughter claims it’s all our fault for always being available to play with our girl when we are there, instead of having her play on her own. Ha! Like that is really going to happen! 🤣

    1. Good points! Right now our granddaughter does play by herself a lot with encouragement and help getting aimed in the right direction but she needs constant watching at 15 months. I'll enjoy it when she gets old enough for more interactive play and talking LOL although I'm sure that will be exhausting too.


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