Saturday, September 30, 2017

Back to Project 333 - Fall in S. Cal edition

I've played with a capsule wardrobe before but with moving across country to spend my first Fall in 20 years in S. Cal and my first one is over 40 years in an almost coastal community I am really trying to figure out what to wear! So this year I am creating my Project 333  capsule wardrobe by seeing what I wear that works.

So far I have 13 items: 4 tops, 3 cardigans, 3 pairs of pants/jeans, 3 pairs of shoes. I'm not counting my only purse, scarves or jewelry this time around and of course not clothes that are worn only for exercising or sleeping nor undergarments.

The outfits I liked this week? Two included a new top the color of which I adore and my new gray slip on Skechers which are proving great for home but not for walks.

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