Thursday, September 7, 2017

August in (Not Quite) a Sentence a Day

Whew, summer went by quickly and now I am 68! So next month I'll be reporting from that new vantage point LOL.

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My Best Days in August:

1st: I signed up for an OLLI course starting September 1st and called "After Impressionism" which will be held locally at Studio Channel Islands, an artist collective and gallery and which will give me a chance to meet more people.

4th: I had my second wonderfully therapeutic massage today and scheduled the handyman service to complete their work.

5th: Happy 65th to a dear cousin and a fun party thrown by his daughters and sister.

6th: Same cousin and his daughters over for brunch and had a lovely visit.

7th: Went to the jewelry group's weekly meeting and the people were so friendly and welcoming that I will be going back to learn to make wire wrapped jewelry.

8th: Once again I'm binge reading a murder mystery series and loving it. 

11th: Continuing my "research" of clothing stores in my new hometown and nearby.

12th: Fun lunch seated on the restaurant patio on a hot summer day with old friends who we hadn't seen for 3 years but will be able to see often now that we are back in California.
14th: One of the pleasures of retirement is napping with your dog in the afternoon when you had a lousy nights sleep.

15th: We were so excited to have the installation of a bath vent fan, opening up of a dry walled over window, and repair of many little things to start this morning and then they called to reschedule it all for a week from now and I still missed yoga (sigh). 

17th: Decided to hold off on one home repair that is not essential which saves $425 that can go toward a whole house water treatment system which is essential.

19th: It really is the small things sometimes especially with new to you homes so we finally hung the broom hanger in the garage and then went to see a movie!

 20th:  A few pictures hung in the guest room in preparation for family visits the next 2 weekends!
21st: Bought groceries and then was too tired to fix dinner so Hubby made us beautiful looking and healthy salads.

22nd: We have another window now that the drywall installed by previous owners has been removed.
25th: Had a lot of laughs at the Magic and Cocktails show at a nearby gallery with the great company of our older son and DIL.
26th: Ended up our son and DIL's visit with a trip to the Camarillo Farmer's Market where on impulse we bought giant tamales from a food truck and took them home for lunch - delicious!
29th: Made it to yoga class!
30th: Hubby left on his last business trip before retirement at the end of September.
31st: Getting ready for baby granddaughter to visit as she is now crawling and standing so things put away in preparation.  


  1. I am curious about what mystery series you are binge reading! Care to share?

    And how funny that the prior owners boarded up a window! Any thoughts on why they possibly might have done so?

    Sounds like your new life is continuing to unfold nicely. It should be interesting to look back a year from now and see how much progress you made!

    1. Ah, the boarded up window - plus literally 12 outlets in an approx 8x10 room. Everyone's thoughts instantly turn to a marijuana grow room but to be creative how about fish or snake tanks, a "Nigerian Prince needs money" operation, heavy duty techie, and on and on. Without all the outlets I would just say they wanted more wall space and less glare on the TV screen.

  2. Glad you made it to a yoga class, Juhli, after missing one to wait for the handy workers. You had a nice mix of arts, entertainment, family time, and self-care in August.

  3. I am so sorry I didn't come by a week ago. I thought sure I visited everyone's blog post. Working fulltime is getting the best of me!

    You are so right about the little things making a difference in your new home. I have all of my cleaning equipment - mops, Swiffer, brooms in an old, tall laundry basket. Like your hanger better.

    Your blue ensemble is lovely with your coloring. Love the necklace you paired with it. Very pretty.

    And yay for naps and naps with our furry friends. I love sneaking 40 winks with my kitties.

    1. I'm amazed you made it around to all of the blog posts at all! I have to admit I gave up lol.


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