Thursday, August 17, 2017

Keep the long term goal as well as your present comfort and life enjoyment in mind!

As regular readers know, we are steadily working our way through the "punch list" created by our new to us home inspection. We also have added some things after living here for 4 months.

Today though it hit me that in terms of resource allocation we could save $425 by not installing a gutter for the patio area given how infrequently it rains here and how many pine needles would have to be regularly cleaned out of that gutter. Cancelled that quickly.

The money will be better spent towards a whole house water filtering system as the water here is very, very hard and leaves deposits in and on everything. That is next up on our list.

On the other hand, although I have been quite comfortable sleeping on our new mattress, Hubby has not. We spent a good chunk of money yesterday on a cotton wool mattress topper and he slept much better. I think the bed is slightly less comfortable but I can live with it.

We also bought 4 tickets to a comedy show to attend when our local son and DIL spend the weekend soon.

So there you have it. Long term goal is make our money last if we live to 100+. Current comfort and  is sleeping well and not battling hard water deposits (not to mention not having to replace appliances often due to said water). Life enjoyment is fun time with loved ones laughing hopefully.


  1. Choices, life is about choices says the girl whose blog in limbo (three days and no speaking to a google person) In a perfect would, all couples would have a super duper sleep number where each side could control heat, temperature, humidity, hardness and softness and who knows what else.

  2. It's refreshing for me to see that someday I'll be able to juggle 'just' a couple of options as you are doing. Right now I need all ten toes and ten fingers to keep track!

    Do you have adequate drainage on your patio? You should be OK if so, but as you know, having lived in California before, we can get the occasional deluge, such as we got last winter.

    Looking forward to seeing continued photos as you get more settled!

    1. It is quite a small patio with square pavers so there is drainage. It obviously has survived for years so I think we will take a wait and see attitude. It really was the pine needles that made me stop and wonder if we wanted to do this.

    2. If it made it through last winter, I concur you should be fine. That was the wettest winter I can ever recall in my lifetime living here.


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