Tuesday, June 27, 2017

Adding to my summer bucket list

I took the time to read through everyone's linked up summer bucket list and ended up adding some more great items to my own. Better get busy! 

Family & Friends 
Schedule visits with 2 long term local friends/couples 
Become a pen pal for a cousin as requested
Try a new cocktail to make at home  
Try 3 new summer main dish salads 
Eat on our patio
Fun & Exploration
See a summer blockbuster movie 
Get a pedicure and fun nail polish 
Read at least five books from Modern Mrs. Darcy’s Summer Reading Guide.
Settling In
Create a patio succulent planter garden
Figure out how to have music playing in our home (TV, computer, new CD player?)


  1. I am so ready to shift from relocating to working on my summer fun bucket list, and I'll bet you are too!

    And, I know that where you live has gorgeous year round temps, and I am so looking forward to leaving summer heat behind and joining you! It was 91 where we currently live today, but just 76 at our new home location. Should be a double-fun summer as a result. :-)

    1. When do you move? Being settled in is the best part!

    2. We move in just six days. I can't believe it's finally here!

  2. Love the bucket list! Do you have a link to Modern Mrs Darcys reading list please?
    Mike and I moved from our beloved barn with land to a modern house last year. The land was becoming too much to manage and we felt the need to be in a village community. Our house has all mod cons and we have replaced the boiler and most of the white goods before decorating it more to our taste. I feel we have done as much as we can to future proof it for our needs.
    The community has been welcoming too. It is such a relief to feel settled again.
    Growing older is a pain but can be fun Too!

    1. Sounds like you made a good move too. Here is the link - http://modernmrsdarcy.com/summer-reading-guide-2017/


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