Monday, May 29, 2017

May: Week 4 - Lots of shopping!

A week of necessary shopping, house improvements/maintenance and some socializing.

Achieved some goals:
- Decided to use Drs & DDS around the corner if they are in our network.
- Attended a lunch with online friends who live in the area.
- City inspector found items needing correction in HVAC installation. Trying to get work scheduled to fix.
- Carpets & upholstered furniture cleaned.
- Hubby painted feature wall in master bedroom. Since the color it was clashed with the other 3 walls we like it much better even if we are staying with the wall color that isn't our first choice.
- Ordered a summer skirt, maxi dress, 2 pairs of jeans, and 2 bras.
- Hung a picture in the dining room.
- Walked the dog daily.

Socialized some:
- Had lunch with some online friends including one from Australia.
- Son stopped by to visit!
- Had a long phone chat with my brother.

And shopped for the house - a lot!
At least our timing was good between Memorial Day sales and coupons we received with our change of address we got some good deals.
- Bought new kitchen towels and dish cloths as well as a bath rug and towel ring.
- Ordered queen & king mattresses, foundations and frames.
- Bought a set of queen sheets and a duvet cover.
- Bought a set of king sheets, duvet cover, bed skirt, down alternative comforter & pillows.
- Ordered a TV stand for the den. Next up is furniture for the den - couch and chairs, etc. 


  1. That was some $eriou$ $hopping you did, girl! Is your new space beginning to feel like home. Giggled that you hung a picture. Sometimes just doing something that simple can make all the difference.

    1. It was serious shopping! We knew when we planned this move that we would have to buy all of this though.


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