Sunday, April 30, 2017

New home and it's plusses and quirks

 So we have lived here for 11 days and there are a lot of things in the plus column.

- People are so friendly!
- The weather is delightful. We can have the doors open with just screens a lot of the day.
- The house layout is going to work well for us at this point in our lives. We probably could have gone a bit smaller but then we would have had to do major remodeling work and we just aren't up for that at this time.
- The dog is really enjoying her walks here and is going crazy smelling the racoon and coyote scents in the grass.

Let's take a tour of the home.

Welcome. The entrance door is great with a retractable screen. We will plant some flowers in the front beds eventually and/or decorative pots with flowers.
  Want to be outside? We have a small patio in the back.

Inside is a work in progress. We plan to have the whole house painted and buy more furniture. We will hang our artwork once the painting is done.

The living room is enjoyable to sit in. Our living room furniture goes well and the dog thinks the carpeting is great for running.

The den room is off the living room at the front of the house. This room needs furniture and the TV needs a stand that will fit in the alcove.
The other end of the living room is the sunporch/office that opens to the back patio.

Our dining room furniture fits perfectly.

The kitchen is very nice and the two of us can actually cook together in this space. The laundry room is off to one side.

The family room mostly for TV is off the kitchen. This room is dark right now because one of the windows was dry walled over but we will change that.

Now to the bedrooms and baths. The guest room is at the front of the house. Right now we are using it with an air bed but it will get a queen size bed soon.

The guest bath is the only room that hasn't been remodeled completely. Eventually we will do that I think.

The master bath has been redone in a style we like a lot. However there were no towel bars/hooks at all! How do people manage with that?

And the emptiest room in the house - the master bedroom. Another bed to buy very soon.

So other than the garage and the utility patio area that is it.


  1. Looks like a lovely space that will make a beautiful home as you begin to put your personal touches on it. Did I understand correctly that there is a living room, den, TV room and office? That is crazy! Two bedrooms and two baths? We bought our 'retirement' home when we still had two children living with us and now it is very big for just the two of us. But when everyone comes to visit, I am glad for the space.

    1. Yes, it is a 2 bedroom, 2 bath, living room, dining room, den, sunporch/office and TV/family room. 700 sq ft smaller than our previous home and a bit larger than we wanted. However, we had one day and 5 available 2 bedroom, 2 bath homes and this was the only one that didn't require tons of work. When the children and granddaughter or others come to visit it will be perfect. Now it meets my hubby's personal space needs LOL. BTW, it is that same size as our last CA home where we lived with 2 sons.

    2. Oh, the sunporch and family room were created when the gigantic patio was used to add on. Given how windy it is here we see that they are more useful and a small patio is fine.

  2. It looks great! I always think that making decorating choices to live with are much more fun than ones made to sell a house. Hopefully you will have fun with picking the needed furniture etc. :)

    1. I hope so too! We are going to paint with both our preferences and resale in mind as we think the current color of the walls turned off potential buyers and we don't know how long we will live here.

  3. Your new home is lovely! Have fun exploring your new town and adding the personal touches to your house to make it truly yours.

    1. Thanks much. I am still learning my way around the immediate area and then need to learn the larger area. We lived about an hour away 20 years ago so only came out this way to go to the beach.

  4. You are on a big adventure to make the house your very own and it sounds like you are enjoying yourselves. It looks pretty.

    1. This whole cross country move is a big adventure for sure! Happy to have hosted family in our new home both weekend days - that is why we are here.

  5. Your new home looks very nice. The pleasant weather will make it easy to do any work you need in or outside your home, and having fun family time is priceless. Enjoy! Oh and thank you for adding my blog to your blog list.


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