Saturday, April 1, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Days 12 -18

Just general happy news - our state tax refund showed up without me having to call and nag like last year!

And in honor of all who have used it to pack things, here is how bubble wrap was invented -
how bubble wrap was invented

Happy I accomplished these things this past week:

Sale of current house:
- Arranged final meter readings & account closing dates for all utilities.

New house:
- Confirmed that no further documents needed before we take possession on April 19th, but some are needed afterwards.
- Hubby signed the contract for the "cottage cheese ceiling" removal & painting.
- We got the key!!!

Cross country move: 
- A neighbor agreed to loan us a dolly to use on loading day. A cousin has one to lend at the other end.
- Submitted change of address for post office & set stop date for newspaper delivery.

Packing & downsizing:
- Returned some packing materials we won't be using. Picked up more free packing paper. This plus free boxes has probably saved us $100+. Bought 2 picture boxes & picture packing kits for large art works and a flat screen TV packing box & kit. Sometimes you need specialty products.
- Packed 6 boxes. Focused on art, kitchen, clothing.
- Hubby padded/bubble wrapped lots of small furniture pieces, wooded chairs, etc. Which led me to wonder who invented bubble wrap!
- Sorted through my clothing carefully and managed to let go of more items that are nearly worn out, don't fit or won't be needed in CA.
- Took another car load to the thrift store. Posted for free a table & 4 chairs, 2 ottomans, cedar chest and they all left the house on Saturday.

For the dog: 
- Received her ID tag with new address.
- Scheduled May vet appointment, filled out new client form and sent vet records

For myself:
- I'm giving myself a break and planning dinner each morning and then shopping for what is needed instead of trying to plan the whole week as we want to use everything up which is a challenge.

What I am looking forward to this coming week:

- My closest book club friends are throwing me a good bye dinner on Thursday. I'll miss this lovely group of women.
- We are meeting with a retirement benefits counselor as Hubby's retirement date is mid-September.
- Getting a haircut.
- Finishing most packing and final house cleaning.


  1. Hi Juhli, long time since we commented on each other's blogs but now I am glad that you are there because we are planning a similar big move and I have decided to go back and read all of your posts since you started to plan to move to California. We live in Washington and plan to move BACK to California where we had lived for over 30 years so I will read all of your posts with great interest as I look at the all of the stuff we have accumulated and then need a big gulp of wine to steady my nerves. It's quite daunting to have to deal with it all again but I am glad I have your blog. Reading all of your posts is now my first big project in anticipation of the move. Rosy

    1. I hope it helps! I have thought of it as a work project and created a plan as I would have for a long term, big project. Then I tackled to most important/most urgent items each day. It is easy to be overwhelmed so step by step. Where in CA are you moving?


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