Friday, March 17, 2017

30 Day Countdown to Move Out: Day 2

- Scored some packing materials for free today - a wardrobe box in great condition and some bubble wrap. Hoping that the person who offered packing paper responds with where and when I can pick it up. The wardrobe box may end up being used to pack my antique chair but if not it will be great for coats, etc. I will keep scavenging LOL.

Don't you love the carved face? We used to hang our Christmas stockings from the ears when I was a child. Before that it was a prop in my Grandfather's portrait studio and my Mom thinks he picked it up secondhand. The label says it is from about 1905 and made by the Michigan Chair Company.

- Found some "how to pack" videos" to watch regarding tough to pack items like lamps, paintings, decorative items, TVs, etc.
- Received retrofit certification for new house.
- Sent completed HOA paperwork to escrow.
- Set up transfer of electric utility to us.
- Put 2 plastic chairs, 2 plastic end table and misc. tools at curb - gone within 2 hours.
- Agreed that we would list the older car and some major furniture items for sale this weekend.
- Got that car washed and vacuumed.
- Agreed we would start packing with pictures, artwork, decorative items and tools this weekend which will also help decide what not to take in those categories.
- Pulled out all boxes, storage containers and packing materials that we have in basement.
- Finally received settlement statement from escrow for new house. Will initiate wire transfer on Monday. Closing is Wednesday, March 22. Yikes.


  1. Your chair is great. It looks like it might start singing any minute, a la Beauty and the Beast.

    1. I think it was called the North Wind face which was a motif of the era. I do love the chair and had it restored a few years ago. Purely decorative.

  2. Your post takes me back to our move last year. Exhausting but exciting at the same time. Good luck!

    1. How far did you move? It is amazing how little we are attached to items once we actually have to decide if we are packing and moving them.

  3. Juhli, how best to contact you? I have a blogging invite. :-)

  4. Oh, I don't envy you having to pack up your home. Are you also driving your household to California or have your hired a moving company? I am staying in this house for the duration. Too many moves in the past! But you are so organized that I am sure your move will go like clockwork. Take advantage of your towels, blankets, sheets for wrapping around precious things, pictures, paintings. They trick helped me.

    1. You are right about towels and such. I realized this morning that I need to sort through the extras so I know which ones can be packing material. We are driving ourselves reluctantly.


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