Thursday, December 15, 2016

Get it Done December: Week 2

- We finished replacing bark mulch in the courtyard.
- DH painted a living room wall and the front door and door frame.
- He cleaned out the upstairs bath fan vent.
- I washed the outside of the living room and family room windows.
- Asked our realtor if we needed to have the furnace and AC serviced. We are saving money because the answer is no. She did mention we may need to provide a home warranty though. That makes sense.
- The contractor fixed the live wire problem DH discovered under the back porch. No electrician cost required. Yeah!
- The dog got groomed.
- We scheduled dinner out with a friend who lost her husband this year.
- We keep raking leaves in quantity.

AND our main floor bathroom has a new tub, sub floor and drywall repairs. Moving along.

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