Sunday, September 11, 2016

29 weeks and counting - to putting house up for sale that is

Whew - another hot week, a sick dog, plans to go to Asheville for the weekend to stay in a friend's condo, grandbaby to be presents bought, dinner with a friend who's husband died recently, property taxes paid (1st installment), more stuff leaves the house and YES, THE ROLL TOP DESK IS GONE.

The man who took it said he has always loved roll top desks so I think it will be a nice addition to his household. Now that it is gone the room seems huge and the blue wall will be much easier to paint. We are at the point of calling it Big Blue (its brighter blue in real life) and laughing a bit hysterically about all the painting we are doing. My husband is shaking his head and asking himself why he painted it a different color in the first place as we always knew we would sell this house this coming spring due to his retirement LOL.

We talked through what remains to be done that requires my husband or hired help to do. We are going to wait until the end of September at least to make decisions on what painting to pay for depending on how much he is able to get done on weekends. This weekend he is starting to paint the last feature wall and some patches on adjoining walls.

I'm feeling a bit frustrated because there isn't much left that I can do solo. Even things I could do like continuing to declutter require joint decision making. Oh well, soon the leaves will fall and I'll be spending a lot of time raking them. For now it is routine yard and house work mostly.


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