Friday, July 1, 2016

30 Chic Days - Days 15 - 19 and it is July!

I'm joining Fiona and Sue to track 30 days of "chic" living.

Days 15 - 18

My focus for these days was on trying different things in the small daily decision areas.

Eating: We ate all dinners at home. I worked on having healthier snacks and having them at home rather than going out for coffee and a cookie.

What I wore: More summer Project 333 wardrobe capsule mix and match. Adding at least a necklace to make each simple summer outfit more elegant. I have eliminated another pair of sandals for all day use. Feet hurting is so not chic.

This combo of a light yellow and washed red works because the saturation of the colors is the same and I still get the contrast I need. I have to say that this one finally made me understand combining colors with the same level of saturation. After wearing this all day I may not repeat it as I just didn't love it enough. What do you think?

Then I tried to get accessorizing this dress to look more chic while staying very cool and able to get a haircut. I ended up wearing it with the scarf and light colored sandals. Afterwards I thought that I should have worn the necklace too.
Then I moved on to my navy shorts for a very casual day of laundry, etc. Put on two necklaces to give it a bit more punch without added heat although it is hard to see in the photo. You will notice I am wearing my Ecco walking sandals a lot as my feet have been hurting! I am happy with my haircut though.

How I moved my body: Activity based exercise - spraying weeds, painting walls, dog walking. Longer walks by myself, stretching DVD and a Pilates session for formal exercise.

What I have been reading: Nothing new here - mysteries, blogs, news. 


  1. The dress with scarf combination does indeed look very chic. Your chic posts are helping me think about and see color differently. I used to wear a lot of neutral colors, but since I discontinued coloring my hair I look very washed out in them.

    1. I agree that our changing hair and skin does mean a change of colors I learned this last year. Gone are all the black and bright colors. Even though that dress is the color of my eyes it needs some color near my face to work with my current coloring.

  2. You look so chic in your dress with the scarf! I love it when people wear scarves with summer wear and need to do it more myself.

  3. Hi - I very much enjoy reading your blog! We are headed toward retirement, and it's great to read about the steady progress you are making in getting your house ready to sell. We'll be doing that, too. At least I can work on some things and encourage my husband (and set an example). Since you asked... I do have an opinion about the yellow colors. I think you look much happier and lively in the cooler colors in these pics. Maybe this yellow is too washed out?


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