Saturday, November 21, 2015

November goals progress!

I'm slowly chipping away at my November goals and reshaping some habits.

* I've managed to exercise 4 days out of 7 for 3 weeks in a row! No weight loss though.

* The kitchen cabinets and drawers have all been cleaned inside and out. Found a total of 14 items to declutter and donate.

* I have been keeping up with yard work now that it has stopped raining all the time. Hubby pruned the ivy and finished the inside repair of our sun porch greenhouse window. The outside is still a work in progress. However, we have now had a small roof leak during a deluge of a downpour on Thursday evening. A roofer has been booked to investigate the source and we do have extra shingles in the shed.

* We are on schedule in preparing for our family to visit for Thanksgiving week. With the focus on that though I completely forgot that my husband's birthday is tomorrow! He was quite relaxed about it and said all he wanted was to go out for lunch at our favorite gourmet taco place. That I can do.

* So far I have managed to create outfits to wear this month without repeating. I think I will give myself a break from this the rest of the month though.

* I'm totally prepared for the Friends of the Library annual meeting on December 2nd. A new record of advanced preparation!

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