Wednesday, July 15, 2015

100 words of now

I have borrowed this post idea from Susannah Conway – check out her post here! 

My brain wanderings.

Dog. Kisses. Coffee. Books. Sons. Parents. Family. Hugs. Flowers. Smiles. Playfulness. Marriage. Commitment. Weeds. Cake. Aches. Stretching. Learning. Travel. Clothes. Moving. Kon Mari. Friends. Love. Pilates. Cooking. Mysteries. Future. Invention. Creativity. Plans. Courage. Restaurants. Theatre. Tacos. Joy. Air conditioning. Peanut butter. Volunteering. Sew.
Upcycle. Alone. Listening. Laughing. Thoughtful. Sharing. Hot. Summer. Sandals. Salad. Doorbell. Refunds. Sunshine. Leaves. Walks. Radio. Music. Talk. Salmon. Pasta. Errands. Driving. Tornado. Warning. Siren. Lightening. Sleepy. Brain. Science. Happiness. Writing. Years. Missteps. Communication. Loss. Gain. Beauty. Eyebrows. Gray. Shining. Bright. Debussy. France. Cooking. Salmon. Chicken. Watermelon. Mango. Lime. Groceries. California. Beach. Horses. Elephants. Think. Hard!

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