Thursday, March 5, 2015

Getting a wardrobe that works for retirement - February shopping

I have mentioned that I have been participating in 7 Steps to Style virtual program offered by Imogen Lamport of Inside Outside Style and as part of that program have gotten clear what I really need to add to my wardrobe first rather than shopping and picking up things I liked without a plan. I haven't advanced to the 12 month shopping plan that Mette over at The Yogastic Shopping Planner has perfected but I first need to get the right items in my small wardrobe and then I can plan when to replace them.

So my February wardrobe spending was on necessary, if not necessarily exciting, items.

- Navy socks to wear with my navy loafers and denim jeans. I am fairly short so an uninterrupted line helps lengthen my appearance and as much as I would like to wear orange shoes for example they don't really help my appearance. So matching socks it was at Kohls on sale.

- Two belts (navy and black) to match my jeans and slacks as well as upgrade from the old black belt I was using. LLBean was the source this time.

- This wasn't for Spring but I have been cold going to the gym just wearing yoga pants and found a pair of warmer gray knit narrow leg pants to wear for workouts and days lounging at home. On sale at Sears and spotted while shopping for something else. It so pays to have a list or needed items.

- My warmer weather clothes have started to wear out and I found two short sleeve tops online at Eddie Bauer in my "colors". I haven't worn them yet as it has been too cold but they fit and look great. They look even better on this model LOL.


That's it for February. Small steps towards having a small wardrobe that works for the life I live now.


  1. I love those colours... very me too! I bet they look great on you! :) I cannot wait for tshirt weather... i'm still in "3 shirts" weather.. *sigh*

    1. We are in the don't get used to the weather season here! Quite warm on Sunday, cool yesterday, rainy and warming today, etc. so I am bouncing between warm layers and shirt sleeves.

  2. Hello, Juhli, thank you for visiting my blog. I have just become a follower of yours. All the best from France !

    1. Welcome! I am enjoying your blog and journey.