Wednesday, February 11, 2015

Vaccinations aren't just for children!

Yesterday I went for my annual physical and brought up that it had been a bit over 5 years since my last pneumonia vaccine. I received it at an earlier age than most due to a health issue.

Imagine my surprise when I found out that there are now two types of pneumonia vaccines recommended for those of us 65 or older. The one I received yesterday (PCV13)used to only be given to children but is now for seniors as well. I'll have to wait until next year to redo the other one.

Some interesting facts about pneumonia from the handout I was given.

"There are more than 90 types of pneumococcal bacteria. PCV13 protects against 13 of them. The 13 strains cause most severe infections in children and about half of infections in adults. ... A second type of pneumococcal vaccine, called PPSV23, may also be given to some children and adults, including anyone over age 65."

And don't forget the shingles vaccine that could keep you from having an outbreak or at least reduce its severity, your diphtheria-tetanus booster every 10 years and your annual flu shot.

There is so much about our health that we can't impact so why not do everything that is in your control to prevent illness!


  1. I made a point the last time I was at the doctors to get a DPT, the "P" includes the Whooping Cough element. I'm so old I already had a lot of childhood diseases so the measles doesn't frighten me, but I'd just as soon not have Whooping Cough. Someone at my church caught it and they were really sick for a long time. I have better things to do!

    1. Hmm, perhaps mine was the DPT booster and my notes were wrong. Having whooping cough would be a bad thing!