Tuesday, January 6, 2015

What to do with documents you have to keep?

I am determined not to move a lot of heavy paper back across the country. However there are things one has to keep - back tax returns come to mind as an example.

What are you all doing with those kinds of things. Scanning and putting the file in Dropbox or a similar secure cloud storage device? Keeping them in hard copy?

I'm a late adopter of technology but have set up a Dropbox location so our sons could access information in case we needed them to step in.

Very interested in your answers!


  1. I have limited my paper files to one small filing cabinet. I don't know if the govt requires your files to be in hard copy in case you are ever audited - I don't think so. Therefore pretty much everything (except identification docs and certificates) could probably be kept electronically and printed when needed. Would just need to keep good backups! I really like your idea of giving someone else access to your files in case of emergency.

    1. You are down to less than we have primarily because of genealogical as well as financial. That is a good goal for me.

  2. I have one filing cabinet and Dropbox. Hardly anything goes into the filing cabinet any more, except for records of household and vehicle repairs. Almost everything financial can be obtained online from the bank.