Friday, January 3, 2014

What a day! And it is only half over.

Today is DS1's 43rd birthday so I started off the day with very happy thoughts as he is such a great person.

I started the laundry and scurried out the door, stopped to get a latte, and headed to the library to do some volunteer work. I was driving down a busy 4 lane street when a man started walking towards traffic right in front of me in the middle of my lane - yikes. Got past that, went a few blocks and there is a trash can blowing around in the street back and forth across my lane - double yikes. Went on very carefully and then a tractor trailer loaded with construction equipment started turning right in front of me despite my lights being on - triple yikes! I did finally make it without any actual mishaps and happily spent the rest of the morning working away. Also picked up a Friends of the Library membership renewal that included a nice additional donation.

I found a bunch of books in the donations that I though DS2 would like and I just heard back that he does want all but one of them. So I can "media mail" him 6 books that I will buy for about $2 each and we'll both be happy.

Went to Trader Joe's on the way home - lots of good fresh food to top off our week. Resumed laundry and had lunch. Sat down at the computer, looked out the window and wondered if my neighbor has yet figured out if she or someone else owns the giant tree (100 feet tall at least) that has broken at the base, is leaning at a 45degree angle and is being held up by two smaller trees. If it falls, and especially if it brings down more trees, it will take out our carport and perhaps the upstairs of another neighbor's house. We have moved our cars but still! I think that since we notified the neighbor of the hazard it will be their insurance that has to cover damage but am not sure. Last time one of their trees fell and damaged our trees and shed we had to pay for everything on our lot including removal of that part of the trunk. We are definitely following up tomorrow.

Can't wait to see what the rest of the day brings!

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