Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Planning - a fun weekend, to do list completion and more

We aren't very good about making plans for the weekend unless we have tickets to a play or something like that. I realized this morning that there are several things going on this weekend that I really want to do. We had hoped to go hiking with friends but that is delayed a week. So, here is the start of my weekend plans for fun -

Friday evening - meet the artist photography show opening at natural history museum followed by dinner out - perhaps at a burrito place we haven't been to yet.

Saturday morning - walk the dog in park and shop at farmer's market while there.We want some recently picked north Georgia apples in particular.

Sunday afternoon - mile fundraising walk for historic neighborhood firehouse followed by party for runners.

I don't think we will do all of these things, but I feel happier just thinking it!

So now to the To Do list - start report for consulting project, register for Morningside Mile, buy groceries, walk dog, make phone calls on list, etc.

What do you have planned for the weekend? 


  1. The shopping and walking events sound like a lot more fun than the to-do list! We're going to a play on Friday night; but gotta get ourselves to a farmer's market -- love all those fresh veggies; plus, it's time to get a pumpkin!

    1. Oh, we love to go to plays. In fact we saw a very interesting drama last Saturday - "Time Stands Still". Hope you enjoy yours.

  2. Looks & sounds like a wonderful weekend!! :) I have no plans yet... Hoping to get the girls out of the house after being cooped up sick for the last 2 weeks almost!! They need to run around & have fun!! :)

    Good luck getting everything done this weekend!

    1. I hope your girls are feeling up to getting out! This is my fantasy of the weekend and I'm sure we won't do everything. I did sign us up for the 1 mile fundraiser walk and made our donation. We'll at least collect our free Sweetwater 420 beer at the end lol.

  3. Sometimes just making the plans is half the fun. But they also can be a great motivator to actually do it. Have a great weekend.


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