Tuesday, September 11, 2012

More paperwork out the door!

Continuing my purge of paper files that we don't need to keep, I went through the files related to the purchase, improvement and appraisal of our current home. I am keeping all documentation on improvements and the relevant ones on the purchase (purchase contract, deed, etc.). Mixed in with those were some papers that could be recycled. The appraisal file all went to recycling except for the final letter from the county saying our appraisal had been lowered. Initially I had prepared the appeal on my own but in the end we hired a professional to handle it for us. Thus all the comparisons and other things I had collected to make our case were irrelevant but still in the drawer.

Next up will be all the original paper files on our retirement accounts. I'm talking about before everything went online. I need to call TIAA-CREF and find out if there is any reason to keep any of this mound of old paper.

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